Activity Fee Support

Since 2003, this program has benefited nearly 8,000 middle and high school youth in need by providing financial aid for participation fees associated with after-school sports. The Foundation believes that student involvement in extracurricular programs is vital to a well-rounded educational experience, particularly given the evidence based benefits and the return to society.

Eligibility for scholarship assistance is based on income guidelines associated with the Free & Reduced Meals Program, which serves 46% of all district students, though some schools exceed 80%. Students seeking financial aid should contact their school’s athletic director, coach, or administration office.

Thank you to our generous program supporters: Mt Bachelor Ski4Schools fundraiser, First Interstate Bank and individual donors.

Watch this news segment from Central Oregon Daily News about our impact!


After-school athletic programs have been shown to decrease crime, drug use and teen pregnancy, and to increase high school graduation rates and college enrollment of the young people they serve. The after-school hours (3-6 PM) are the prime time for juvenile crime and other risky behaviors. After-school programs transform them into an opportunity for academic enrichment, safe fun and community service.

Students who participate in extracurricular activities see improvement in academic and life skills. They learn to manage their time, relieve stress and learn to strive for excellence in more than one thing. At Bend High we encourage all students to get involved in something within our school, be it drama, band, student council, our many clubs, or athletics, there is something for everyone. These extra-curricular activities supplement our academic programs and play a very important role in the development of the whole student. The education foundations activity fee scholarship helps afford students these opportunities for participation through financial assistance. In some cases, the activities or athletics the students are involved with keeps them coming through the doors. With this program helping keep the affordability for families at a manageable level and increasing the number of kids in the game we definitely see increased numbers of participants. Ultimately helping students discover that the lessons learned outside the classroom, on the fields and courts, in football, or chess club, help students develop traits and skills necessary to be productive members of our community.”
-Dave Williams, Athletic Director, Caldera High School